Jan 13, 2009

What Money Can Buy

Last Friday I took the day off work and was able to go to the LQS that is always closed when I am home. She always has some good deals in there and I was not disappointed. It is wierd but she only accepts cash or cheques. I use debit ALOT so I only had about $15.00 on me. I meant to go back on Saturday but I never made it before I left to go out of town. So there is 2 yards and 1 fat quarter of (Northcott Bella line) 1 yard and 1 fat quarter of Northcott (Heaven on Earth). Yardage was $3.00 and fat quarters were .99 cents. Now in the States you may find deals like that all the time..but we do not here in Ontario. I will endulge even more this Saturday.

I started on the BOM from http://elliesquiltplace.web-log.nl/ that I mentioned in the last post. The snowman's arms do not show up that well on camera but show up just fine off camera. I made two in case I want to keep one, and I did not want to go and buy fabric for it. I have lots of fabric in these colourways that would work for the entire quilt. Now I did not finish the blocks off yet as I want to wait and see what the next month will bring. I like to plan my scraps...but I set aside the fabric for the border of this block.

I started on the Bunny Hill BOM, it is all ready to be sewn to the background but I am waiting for the next block of that one too.
Such a procrastinator!!!


Yvonne V said...

Love your little snowmen!
About the scraps, you can use scraps for all the blocks(and I know, I have made the applique version ;o) ) Hope you enjoy making your quilts.

Yvonne (Mom of Ellen / Ellie's Quiltplace)

Trish said...

And which LQS is this? I live in Ontario and am always looking for a new LQS to check out. (and yes, Ontario is a big place, but I do travel around the province occasionally)

Irene said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog as it brought me to yours! I've just spent some time reading some of your posts and enjoyed it very much. Did you ever get an answer from Len's Mills? Maybe you posted and I missed it. I love your little appliqued snowman - and the pieced and appliqued tablerunner - I made an identical one about a year and a half ago.