Jan 31, 2009

Are they really your friends?

When you admit to your friends that you have an addiction and they still encourage you to pursue that addiction are they really your friend?
Hmmm..out of province BFF just had to call me today to tell me the fabric that I covet was on sale for 3.00 a yard. How am I to overcome or even manage my addiction when they provide me with this information?
I am weak..I had to order it..I love it...and now I shall wait for it to come..from Honey Fork Fabric. It is Gentle Grace by Danhui Nai and is an older line from last year but I love it as much this year as I did last.
Addictions are not easy to overcome.
Thanks BFF.

Jan 19, 2009

Please stop me!

I am still down and out and feel like pond scum. Does that stop me from starting something new? Absolutely not. Can't sit at the machine but I can sit in the recliner and make these little suckers. I am starting to realize I may have a problem...you know what that's like don't you? Something tells me that I am not alone.

1 1/2 inch hexagons..I am making a zillion from leftover "Hanky Panky" line by Ro Gregg for Northcott, and another zillion out of batiks. Have no idea what they will become. But I sure like making them.

Meet my new best friends-

I do not like honey, but we have a guy that keeps bees at the back of our property at work - in fact - he sells his bees all around the world. He brought us some honey he had made and I remembered that he said 1 tsp. of this honey a day kills all bacteria in your mouth. So I have been sucking back on that and then putting it in this tea. I swear it has helped me ALOT. Now I just need to go back to work to get some more - just in case!

Jan 17, 2009

Punishment sucks!

I snuck a day off work last Friday and I am sure I am now being punished. I had a sore throat and burning eyes that hit me out of nowhere. Stopped at the quilt store on Thursday after work and grabbed some deals and came home and was in bed by 6:30 ... and that is where I stayed until Friday morning. Got up and called into work (both jobs) and off I went back to bed until 8 p.m. Knocked me on my butt. I have now been up for 1 1/2 hrs and going for a nap when I am done this post. I am itching to go to IKEA with my daughter. Maybe Wednesday night but I do not know if 4 hours is enough time in IKEA for either of us.
So here is my grab from Thursday night..Buggy Barn and Heather Mulder Peterson for $5.00 a metre.
I didn't post the my finish the other day. This is the first time I did not wash before I made, to see what the final wrinkled look would be. Gotta tell you - I like that look for lap quilts.
It was stippled (of course) as that is all I am comfortable doing right now.

And the back. Love that wrinkled look!!

Next up is a Cottage Blossom by Kim Schaefer for Andover Fabrics. The pattern is really simple and little waste which I wanted as the pack only had 15 fat qtr's in it. Enough for lap size.

I really only do throw size ..I do not want a full size quilt on my bed. ( I know some think that is wierd) and I like to make lots of different ones so the throw size works for me. I have seen this pattern for sale..in quilt magazines and on blogs. So I really do not know who this pattern originally belongs to..but alot of people are doing it..probably for its simplicity and the different looks you can achieve.

The colours look much nicer in person and really nice fabric to work with.
That is it for today..have fun sewing!

Jan 13, 2009

What Money Can Buy

Last Friday I took the day off work and was able to go to the LQS that is always closed when I am home. She always has some good deals in there and I was not disappointed. It is wierd but she only accepts cash or cheques. I use debit ALOT so I only had about $15.00 on me. I meant to go back on Saturday but I never made it before I left to go out of town. So there is 2 yards and 1 fat quarter of (Northcott Bella line) 1 yard and 1 fat quarter of Northcott (Heaven on Earth). Yardage was $3.00 and fat quarters were .99 cents. Now in the States you may find deals like that all the time..but we do not here in Ontario. I will endulge even more this Saturday.

I started on the BOM from http://elliesquiltplace.web-log.nl/ that I mentioned in the last post. The snowman's arms do not show up that well on camera but show up just fine off camera. I made two in case I want to keep one, and I did not want to go and buy fabric for it. I have lots of fabric in these colourways that would work for the entire quilt. Now I did not finish the blocks off yet as I want to wait and see what the next month will bring. I like to plan my scraps...but I set aside the fabric for the border of this block.

I started on the Bunny Hill BOM, it is all ready to be sewn to the background but I am waiting for the next block of that one too.
Such a procrastinator!!!

Jan 8, 2009


Because I spend too much time on the computer and then find another Free BOM from Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs. Click on link in the sidebar or go to her blog: http://bunnyhill.blogspot.com/ Wow...I certainly hope I can follow through with both and become an overacheiver. So out of province BFF are you going to do this one also??
I am behind in my work now..so must get busy so I do not have to stay late...I have some sewing to do!!

Jan 6, 2009

Free BOM

Browsing some sites this morning (while at work) I came upon this ladies site http://elliesquiltplace.web-log.nl/ At the bottom of each post she also translates her posts in English. She does beautiful work. So she is doing a FREE BOM calendar project and it can be done with stitchery or applique. I just may do one in both and turn it into a quilt for each of my kids rather then a calendar. Yes sireee..I will do that. I do not usually participate in BOM projects but this seems simple enough....so far.
Go visit her site..you will enjoy it.

Jan 5, 2009

Ask and you shall receive

When I was asked what I wanted for Christmas..I said...fabric spray adhesive and batting..lots of batting, so I could get the quilt tops stitched up. So my daughter spoiled me with spray..gift certificate for batting and gift certificate for more fabric to use only after I finish what I have she said!
So tonight I prepared this one.

She got this fabric spray from the LQS. It had came in by mistake, price was good, so she bought me all 3 cans. Have you heard of it. I liked it. It is from France.

Jan 2, 2009

Occupied Japan Sewing Machine

Good morning...My friend gave me an old sewing machine for Christmas. He hunts this old stuff down whether it is worth anything or not. So this machine has a plate on it that says "Admiral" and made in "Occupied Japan" so I will have to check it out on the net..one of these days. If anyone reads this post and could tell me anything about Admiral, etc..I would appreciate it.

The cards below (one from last year and one from this year) are made by my sister in law in Nova Scotia. I think they are the cutest things but I am not going to make them. When I was visiting there in October - she has an entire room filled with products - stamps -card stock - embellishments..it just went on and on. And you know you can fit alot more scrapbooking stuff into a room then you can fit fabric. We all have our stash eh, in some sort or another.

Jan 1, 2009

Bad Start - Good Finish

Well it is New Years Day and I have been surfing and catching up on some blog reading. I decided that I would (should) check my stat counter because I am rather new at this blogging thing and do not have much traffic like many others do. Then again..I haven't had much interesting to say either. Hmmmm. Not usual at all for me. I have an opinion on EVERYTHING! Anyhow, my counter says that 2,903 people have been through here. So either I am a very very boring blogger (probably true) or I do not blog enough (probably true also). So either I chat it up like I am good at or I post more quilting stuff which I am bad at. (a.k.a. LAZY) So I decided I will do both. Just not today.
This morning at 6 am the phone woke me up. It's my son.
Son: Mom, the ambulance is on its way
Me: WHAT? What happened
Son: My bowel movements (a.k.a. bum urine as he calls it) has too much blood in it and I am having trouble breathing
Me: WHAT? Why did you not call me...I am getting dressed..I am leaving and I will meet you at the hospital.
Son: I don't know what hospital they will take me to.
Me: I will find you - no worries...(Mothers just know that stuff)

Get dressed in 30 seconds flat..go to the car..OH MY GOD..I forgot(too lazy) to get gas last night. It is New Years Day and there are no gas stations open until 9 am.
So wake up friend who drives me to daugters and took her to work and made it to Cambridge Hospital by 7 am. Not bad timing actually.
In the meantime his girlfriend had been at work (she is a prison guard) and since she was on escort duty she was also able to leave an hour early since she would not be escorting anyone in the next hour.
He was put on IV for the day with antibiotics and to get fluids in him as he was dehydrated. He has had the diaherra since Sunday but just gradually got worse. So he did not actually have trouble breathing it is just that whatever illness he has and the dehydration caused him to be so weak and it was exhausting for him to walk from the bed to the bathroom so many times during the night. The doctor says he probably felt like he was running marathons due to dehydration.
While I was driving over I had checked my cell phone and he had left me a text message at 4:30 am that said "Mom - I need to go to the hospital" Seriously, a text message? You called me at 6 am - you could have called me at 4:30 and saved yourself $85.00.
So they let him go around 4 p.m. without knowing what it is. Nothing showed up in his blood work and they will test his usual urine and his "bum urine" as he calls it. They will call if something significant shows up, and of course..if you get worse - come back to the hospital.
So at 11:00 tonight I called him and he said he had woke up around 8 completely soaked, so that would mean at least his fever broke.
So I am puppy sitting for a few days so he can rest and get better.

Did I read somewhere " a bad start to the new year means a good finish"? Hope so.