Dec 19, 2008


Today I went into work - for 1 1/2 hours and then got to go home due to storm that hit all of Ontario. Instead of getting anything accomplished, I put in a roast, did a couple loads of laundry and then layed in bed all afternoon watching movies. Having an unexpected day off was not productive at all. I am still dragging my ass.

So 3 weeks ago my son got a dog for Chritmas from his girlfriend. He is so cute..He is now 12 weeks old..and I got to babysit last weekend while we went to cut down the tree. He is such a smart dog and already he is trained to use the outside facilities. Wonderful.

Here he is picking out the Christmas tree. His name is Reece and he is so cute.

Now on to quilting stuff. I have been finishing one item to mail to my sister-in-law, and I guess it won't be there for Christmas. But the fact I am finishing it - is amazing in itself. I will post picture later.

Back in July, I blogged about this designer (GE Designs) asking for donations to help the flood victims in Iowa that were members of the Eastern Iowa Heirloom quilters guild in Cedar Rapids. So I had sent some fabric and yesterday I received a pattern, a book of hers and a thank you letter. How wonderful and thoughtful of her to send something to those that donated.

The letter has a lot of glare so you may not be able to read it.
Here is the book and and pattern.
Go visit her blog and look through her archives. There are quite a few quilts in there that I would like to make.
Thanks for reading!

Dec 4, 2008

One Down

I finally got this off to my out of province BFF. I needed it there by Dec 1 and it got there exactly on time. I procrastinate...ALOT!!!
This was a cute panel that you sewed together and then fused the prints onto felt to put in the pockets as the days progress or put them in the pocket and take them out and put them in the bowl as the dates progress. It is called Cookie Cutter Advent Panel by Janet Wecker-Frisch. I know....I cheated..but sewing a blanket stitch around all the little guys was time consuming.

Then I had made the one below from the Dec 2008 Quilter's World magazine. A table runner designed by Grenzner of Quilter's Roost. The original was quite large 24" x 54" and I could not remember how big her table was so I shrunk it down to approx 16" x36". The first one I made was a disaster and I do not think that the one I sent was a whole lot better. Me and those triangles did not get along. I usually do not have a problem with triangles but this time they had a mind of their own.

Oops!! Note to self - look at the picture before you send things away...I think I forgot to wipe the chalk marks off....Maybe she won't notice.ssssh.

So Cute

This is my son's new dog - collie and lab mix. So cute with my DD.
At least he will have lots of time to train him while he looks for a job.


I have come to the conclusion that I am not superwoman anymore. I have lost that title. I know that Christmas is on Dec 25th around the entire world and yet I look at other blogs and they are sewing up a storm and decorating and baking...and I am wondering...What the ?**#$**? How do they do that?
I have not finished shopping..(maybe it's because I have not started) I go to the stores and just cannot get into the mood this year. I think.." I will get so & so this..and so & so that..and then I just go "nah" and come home and think about how much I have to do and how much time I do not have left. I have no tree up, I have no decorations up, I have not even thought about baking anything...(just as well - I am a horrible baker!!)
Seriously, does no one else work? Do they have alot of free time? Are they just more motivated than I am?

Speaking of work...I know who doesn't son. After 9 years -3 guys got permanently layed off on Tuesday. Economic slowdown. WOW. I actually thought he had a recession proof job but I guess that was a wake up call. So I have been making a few calls to find out some info for the 3 boys and have come to the conclusion that I didn't know all about the labour laws that I thought I did. When the **#@!!** did that happen? My goodness I am slipping.
They were given an offer and a paper to sign that they would not discuss the offer with anyone, but they did discuss it with a lawyer who thought it was not a great offer so they hired him and we will see what happens. I thought the offer was fair..I guess not.

Well I must go to work now and I do have some quilting pictures to post now that they have arrived at their destination.