Jan 2, 2009

Occupied Japan Sewing Machine

Good morning...My friend gave me an old sewing machine for Christmas. He hunts this old stuff down whether it is worth anything or not. So this machine has a plate on it that says "Admiral" and made in "Occupied Japan" so I will have to check it out on the net..one of these days. If anyone reads this post and could tell me anything about Admiral, etc..I would appreciate it.

The cards below (one from last year and one from this year) are made by my sister in law in Nova Scotia. I think they are the cutest things but I am not going to make them. When I was visiting there in October - she has an entire room filled with products - stamps -card stock - embellishments..it just went on and on. And you know you can fit alot more scrapbooking stuff into a room then you can fit fabric. We all have our stash eh, in some sort or another.

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Uschi said...

What a beautiful machine. Have you done anymore research on it? So what will you be using to sew your quilt, this one or the modern one? How is your son feeling? Much better I hope.Happy New Years and wish you manysewing days and good health.