Jan 6, 2009

Free BOM

Browsing some sites this morning (while at work) I came upon this ladies site http://elliesquiltplace.web-log.nl/ At the bottom of each post she also translates her posts in English. She does beautiful work. So she is doing a FREE BOM calendar project and it can be done with stitchery or applique. I just may do one in both and turn it into a quilt for each of my kids rather then a calendar. Yes sireee..I will do that. I do not usually participate in BOM projects but this seems simple enough....so far.
Go visit her site..you will enjoy it.

1 comment:

Uschi said...

Checked out Ellie's web site and think I will also do the calender . Looks like a nice one to do while watching tv. Mmm, which one will I do? Hand app or stitch? Decisions , decisions.. Have a great day.