Aug 9, 2010

Summertime means outside renovation time. This is what was under the front porch after it was removed.

I fell on top of this and it hurts. The ole mare ain't what she used to be.

But it did not hurt working on these:

Have a good day!

Jul 15, 2010

I previously showed you pics of my bosses garden and my perk for working for him, but I did not say what kind of work we do. Here is my boss at work...

Oh and I see our labourer doing some work too. Leaning against the ladder. And no..absolutely I do not work on the site..I just take pics and pick veggies from the garden back at the office.
It is a school that we just finished building.
Now we are going to fix this school.
Removing 2m around the perimeter of 4 walls to replace spalding bricks.

And here is a picture of the school we finished last year.
It is nominated for a Builders Excellence Award. As it should be. Nice looking school.

Wow..that is alot of blogging for one day.Got work to do now.
Have a Great Day

Oh How His Garden Grows!

Every year my boss says he is not going to plant his garden as big as he does. Every year he plants it bigger.

The thing is..there is no one to eat it all...even 1/4 of it. His kids come out every now and then to collect some veggies..but not enough to warrant a garden this size. I don't know why he bothers doing it so is lot of work for him and ..let's say...he ain't getting any younger. Is it a male thing?
The cherry trees were unbelievable this year..sweet and sour both. Strawberries..not so good.

Fig Tree...Peach Tree...Grape Vines...forgot to take a picture of the Yellow Plum Tree.
In the garden (oh- there is another one around back) he has garlic..leeks..potatoes..tomatoes..zucchini  
..squash..snow peas..other peas..onions..3 types of and red peppers. Basil..rosemary..thyme..some kind of red bean..and who knows what else!!
So can you go and pick your lunch off a tree when you are at work..Perks!!!

Happy Picking!

I Wish

that either of these were mine..but they are not. My BFF sent me these following pics. 1st one is from her BOM she did through the Fat Quarter Shop. She did an awesome job. And the 2nd is a picture of a quilt at The Apple Blossom Quilt Show (somewhere) in the Maritimes and she knew I would appreciate that border and it is hand stitched. Enjoy!

May 4, 2010

All Finished Up

I showed this quilt a bit ago that BFF was working on. Here it is all finished...and HAND QUILTED. Oh and I see a label peeking out at the organized and detailed she is. Complete opposite of me.

I found THIS AWESOME TUTORIAL on line...and though I would love to make it with the Sanae Line for Moda "Arcadia" as in the tutorial ~ I cannot find it on line or anwhere else I have been. It's not that old but apparently there's none around. I have faith that a couple of charm packs are hiding somewhere. I used fat quarters of Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry and there may be some Timeless Treasures in there also. The white is from Northcott. Love their solids - it has a linen look to it up close..but our local quilt store has not been able to get any of the white in lately as Northcott is changing manufacturer's or distributor's? Either way- I am out and I don't like it.A friend of mine was in the States last week and grabbed me some brown and white of Kona Cotton for $3.99. I pay $9.99 here. So that was a deal.

May 3, 2010

Got it Done

I hate making pinwheel blocks..Always have...Always will. But I managed to get 4 of them done and 3 small quilts done for THIS LADY. Oh and they made it there on time. Amazing.

Onward and Forward to something else now.
Take Care

Apr 15, 2010

Breaking Ground Quilt.

How is it that I grew up in Toronto and had never heard of this tragedy. Mind you I was just a baby at the time but you would think that one would have heard about this. More so now, that I am in the construction industry. Read this article and look at this quilt. Awesome work by fabric artist Laurie Swim. I had never heard of her also...It's an interesting read...GO HERE  and read about her work.
Then GO HERE to see the quilt.

Apr 9, 2010

This is Why I do not Facebook

I do not want to know every detail of what my kids are up to. Just like I did not want my mother to know either.  But it is funny.

Apr 5, 2010

It's Been A While

but I have been busy. I decided I would get all my tops together and start sewing them..and I have...except at the same time I started two more. My goodness what is wrong with me?? I need to Focus!!
Well now I am going to Focus....on something else of course....
I have committed to sending some blocks and some baby quilts to this lady for her Quilting for Babes cause. Check out her blog and maybe you may want to donate also. I am pleased that it is for a Canadian Hospital.
Next up are two WIP by my BFF. One is from a free BOM from Gail Pan Designs...(I think I have one more block to do) and the other is one she is doing in her Quilt Guild in New Brunswick. Love it!!
My BFF does not think she does good work...ha should see her painting...she is quite the artistic gal.

Have a Great Day

Feb 22, 2010

The Wonders of the Web

So on my last post I received a comment..from  no other then Ricky Tims. Though I doubt  he was scrolling through blogs and found me. I would assume that he has some kind of program that lets his "people" know when someone refers to his Convergence Quilts. And rightfully so. I am working on another one (my rendition of) for my dining room wall. I am aware that I do not get to learn a whole lot from a 3 min video so I  will get his book. I can imagine one could do some interesting things with his technique. I used regular cotton in this picture and already learned the benefits of having the dyed or batik fabrics so you can flip the cuts whichever way you choose. Having only one good side does not give many options. But I still like it, and I am still interested in this technique. So my daughter who is an Amazon junkie will order the book for me on her next order so we can get free shipping.  Gotta save those dollars for fabric.
On other news..I prepared 3 quilts for finishing.
Have a good day!

Feb 12, 2010

Convergence Quilts

I watched a video last Friday where Ricky Tims was doing a demonstration on his "Convergence Quilt" technique. I...AM...HOOKED. I whipped this puppy up in no more then 1 hr..then spent time just sewing the snot out of it with different stitches for practice. (Still need alot of practice) I had these batiks laying around forever, so I used them for the practice one but I luv how they turn out and am kicking my ass that I do not have enough to make a larger wall quilt. The possibilities are endless!!I have all kinds of ideas running through my head and I am going to get some nicer batiks and make a bigger one...

Have a good weekend.


Feb 10, 2010

Tutorial Thief

I never did post a picture of this quilt that I did from a tutorial on I love it. I am going to make another one with traditional fabrics.

I am a massive TUTORIAL THIEF. But in my defensive ... these lovely people do take their time to make great tutorials for us and I bet they are pleased as punch when we use them. I know that I always send the person I got the tutorial from a picture of the finished quilt and they appreciate knowing that you used it and seeing the finished product.
I am doing the quilt below with Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler fabrics. It goes together so easy with THIS tutorial.  I wanted to make one with the same fabric in the tutorial but I could not find the fabrics - I ended up doing one with a retro look because these FQ's were only $2.00 each. Imagine...a thief and cheap!

I generally hate Len's Mill Stores (because they over price their fabric that is 3-4 years old and sometimes even sell fabric from Joann Fabrics from the States at 3x the cost)  but I did stop by there the other day to check out the price of Bamboo batting ~ and lo and behold ~ they had layer cakes (new for them) and the price was $21.99 and charm packs for $ 5.99. I knew that was cheap for Ontario so I had to buy them just because I think someone priced them wrong.
So not like me.
The next day I checked out the Len's Mill near my work and they were $30.00 there and charm packs were $8.99.. Then I checked online and in the States they are still selling the layer cakes for $35.00. So I am estatic that they priced them wrong and I got them for the price I did...suckers....looks good on them.

Did you know that since October 1, 2009 I have only missed the gym 4 times...Oh yeah..pat me on the back. I still like going just as much as I did when I first started.

Talk to you soon

Feb 8, 2010

This would be fun!

By camera battery is being a little bitchy in the meantime..check this out:

I could so do this in any fun is that.

Then when you are done there - check out how they did it:

Jan 23, 2010

Ambers Quilt

I forgot to take a picture of the quilt I made for son's girlfriend for Christmas. It was from a Mystery Quilt Design by Blue Meadow Designs. However, everyone and their uncle are doing this pattern. It goes together so quick. I had used a Swanky charm pack by Chez Moi  for the centres and the pink is from Objects of Desire Line, then White by Northcott (nice fabric-has a linen look to it) and I can't remember who the brown dotted fabric is from but I want to say Timeless Treasures. The binding is a deep rose by Northcott (though it appears red in these photos). I had a different binding on but I totally screwed that up and I have no idea how, so Christmas Eve day the LQS was open and saved the day. I liked the new binding way better anyhow so it all worked out - but I was up on Christmas Eve sewing the binding until 2 a.m. My fingers were so sore..that will never happen again.

Jan 18, 2010

How do you decide?

I don't buy alot of patterns but I do get alot of ideas off of blogs and tutorials and pictures of quilts. It's not that I don't want to buy patterns..I just can't follow them well. When I use to crochet I would call stitches..small ones..funny ones..big ones. It is funny how we all  process info different. So when I see a quilt that I like..usually it is the colour I notice first and fall in love with and the pattern is secondary. Then I have to draw it myself for it to make sense to me. Then if a pattern is available I will buy it if I want to make it. Even at work I read blueprints for construction jobs and if it is anything other then square I need to draw little pictures for the drawing to make sense to me what we are building. I have asked for Lego for the last 10 years...I thought it would help to build it first. I am still waiting. So what's the point you say???
Well I think we all have our favorite designers..admit it..even if it's just to yourself. While we appreciate them all and like their work ....we do not idolize them all equally. I have my hands down favorite. Healther Mulder Peterson. Love her quilts. Love her blog. So anyhow..I was at the LQS and seen they have an upcoming class and they had a top completed up on the wall of the pattern they were doing and I thought.."I have seen that quilt somewhere" . I read the info and it was one of Heather's quilts that I just had seen on her blog the other day. I don't need to take the class to make the quilt, but all of a sudden I felt uhmmm..let's say "protective". The sample they had up was absolutely no indication of the actual quilts Heather does. I did not like the quilt sample and I would not have wanted to make this quilt if I had not of seen  this quilt  first. I wanted to say to the shop owner that I don't think she did this pattern any justice. So is that just me..are others able to look past boring and see potential?

Jan 10, 2010

One Down

The following quilt is the first one of the New Year. I ordered all the fabric from Connecting Threads..Fantastic Prices..The fat quarters were 12.80 for 22 pieces..the yardage was 5.96 and the thread was 1.59. Cheapest quilt I ever made. In Ontario we just do not see those kind of prices of a entire collection. I really liked the thread too.. I liked the fabric (though I haven't washed it yet) but I did not like that the selvage was the same colour as the rest of it. I am so used to the white selvage that I kept forgetting to cut it off so the blocks ended up smallers then I wanted. I knew when I ordered this that I was going to just make a big block quilt - quick & simple as seen on . So had to adjust the borders a bit due to my impatience ~ but it is one of my favorite.
First pic is of outside. Second shows the back. I just love the colours.

I took the entire crate of scraps I showed the other day and spent 3 days cutting them down into useful size pieces - anywhere from .75 to 1.75 inch. Then I cut the white stripes into 1.25" strips and put them down the centre with white on each corner to have one focus fabric to "ground" it or "neutralize" it. I want to use the scraps but I needed some kind of constant. I am going to make a string quilt, then pass on the remaining to my friend in town and then mail the rest to out of province friend. After that ... I do not want them back. It's funny how I can remember each and every fabric in there. 

I have decided that I am going to finish all my UFO's and use up most of what I have due to the price of batting. I use the Arctic Bamboo batting and right now it is $16.49 a metre..Crrrrraaaaazzzzy prices!! A friend of mine is going to Ohio at the end of the month and I am thinking of ordering the  Warm & Natural on a bolt but I don't really like it as much as the bamboo. I find it is thinner then it used to be and wonder how the hell is that think piece of cotton suppose to keep anyone warm.
That's all for now.
Take Care

Jan 4, 2010

It's a Sad Day

CrazyMomQuilts announced that she will be closing her blog.

Jan 1, 2010

And New Year Begins

I have been thinking lately that I need to get on the bandwagon and either post to my blog or delete it. I had started to do the blog so that I could stay in touch and show  BFF (who ditched me) what I am working on and also keep track of what I was working on...Oh yeah..and have somewhere neutral to bitch since no one in my family reads this any how . So I will be better at blogging this year. So I was looking through the blog....and thought.....not a hell of alot done.  I start things and do not finish.. I have lots of unfinished projects. It stresses me out having all this unfinished stuff. So change is needed and change will start ... today ....with this.....ahhhhh that feels better already.

Then I gave myself a pat on the back for the more important things that I DID accomplish. Quit smoking in June and joining the YMCA in October. I go to the YMCA  - Mon - Fri at 6 am and have not missed a day.Even though today is a holiday it is Friday so I went today..and did the gym and aqua fit.
I hope I NEVER start smoking again....I know people that started again after being smoke free for a long time...Please don't let that be me. Just before Xmas I went to my doctor to get the results of updated blood see how its all going. Well WTF was up with that? My cholesterol was down..impressively so -  if I do say so Vitamin D was finally on its way up after another 12 weeks of 50,000 i.u. (not an exageration). I did have the lowest count of any patient in her office but just recently got beat out by a patient that was 1 number lower then me...they now hold the record and they can have it...BUT my sugar was elevated and my triglycerides were elelvated and they have never been.. What's up with that shit?? Don't know but I am going to work hard to make sure they come down and get re-tested in March.

That's all for now .
Take Care