Aug 31, 2008


Well I guess everyone does it/has done it. I looked at this block and realized what I did and un-sewed it...and then sewed it back together the same way..not once...but four flippin' times..grrr.

It is the Churn Dash block..and there is nothing worse then triangles..except taking them apart!

Picture doesn't show what rich colours these are..when it is done I will get a better pic so it will show colours better.

Now onto other things....I have been gnawing at the bit for grandchildren for the last 2 years. My DS has made it quite clear that I need to look elsewhere ~~ simple as that ~~ no specific reason ~~even though he is the when I look at my DD she gives reasons like... needing to be married before that happens. Really? Since when? Lots of people have babies without being married...I don't know why she can't.....( I know I am not being responsible..but they do) So I tell her to get married ...BUT then she says she needs a boyfriend first......well......would you date either one of them when they look like this?

Well at least they know how to have a good time when they get to see each other!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Aug 27, 2008

Thursday's Haul

As I said I skipped out of work last Thursday. I had ordered a book BEFORE I had found out there was a give a way on her blog for the same book. Go check out her site - her name is Healther Mulder Peterson..Anka Treasures

The quilt I want to make is called Meadow Lane and I would like to do it in her "Winter Spice" fabric line also.
While I was there I bought the new Crabapple Hill Stitchery called " Over the River and Through the Woods"

Then when I got back home I went to The Olde Crow our new LQS and picked up backing for my daughters quilt...finally...and these fat quarters. I got to pop a balloon and got another 30% off the total purchase. Yeah for me! They had 3 fabrics of the "Winter Spice" line I want but I want more of a selection. Will have to check on line for those..The colours are gorgeous.

Aug 23, 2008

Another One

I finally finished the top of the quilt with the Mix & Mingle charm packs. I put a little peeper border on it and then a regular border. I will scallop the border after it is quilted to jazz it up a bit since this is the first quilt I made just with charms packs. When I went to the LQS to pick up some yardage for the peeper and the outside border I had in mind to do the peeper in the torqouise which I did, but I wanted a dark fabric for the outside and they did not have any. So I picked the yardage from the Fall Back in Time line. It looks more yellow then I expected but at least it is done. AND I still love those colours....
I skipped out of work for the afternoon on Thursday and tommorrow I shall post what I bought.

Aug 17, 2008

This is funny

I was browsing - again..and came upon this site: If you click on the link and scross down the page you will come to her post about Quilt Police. I am sure you will find this hilarious!! And check out the awesome Kaleidoscope quilt she has done.

Now, when I was at work last Saturday night, we seen all these cars pulled over on the highway. Wondering what they were doing we had to go see. Well, they all had their cameras out taking pictures of this. It was at 8p.m. after it had rained and the sun peaking through as it was going down made this field look absolutely beautiful. This is when you want to be a good photographer!

Aug 10, 2008


I was putting in time at work Friday and thinking how much I DO NOT want to be there and that I should take a break and go down and buy some fabric..I tried talking myself out of it...because I knew it was totally out of boredom...but the urge just took over.
Well la~de~da..I am so glad I did because our fabric outlet Len's Mills has put in alot more charm squares...and I found the Mix & Mingle by Sandy Gervais there...INCORRECTLY priced at $4.99....Actually there were 5 packs priced at $4.99 and the rest were priced at $8.99. I quickly snatched up those 5 packs..and the whole time I kept thinking of the Ikea commercial where the girl is scurrying out of the start yelling for her husband to start the car!!!

I took the packs and shuffled them up and just started sewing the charms together. Top is now done except for borders and I wll get some yardage today at the LQS.

Aug 6, 2008

Time Flies By

I can't believe that I have not visited my own blog in so long. Time Flies.

I have not been doing much of anything. Busy season at work..actually both jobs are in their busy season ... and then with the heat and humidity I go home I've been reading. I just finished my second Jodi Picoult book that my daughter insisted I read. My Sisters Keeper is a very good book..and it really makes you think. I hear there is or going to be a TV movie out for it. It may already be out in the States but we cannot get it here yet.

I did go to my son's in London for holiday Monday and had a visit with him. It was their annual RibFest but by the time we went to go the rain had started. Oh's all good.

I have been making some table runners - no pics yet - from scraps. I really do want to start another quilt! There is just so many choices for fabrics and's crazy! It is driving ME crazy. First I like one, then I like another one, then it's this colour and then that colour..and on and on I go.

When my daughter hears that I went to a quilt store she just about hyperventilates... she wants to know where HER quilt is. Well princess, it is beside the machine waiting to get quilted...geez .. where do you think it is. So maybe I can't decide what quilt to make next as I am feeling a little..okay...maybe ALOT guilty that I have not finished hers yet. But her birthday is coming in January 2009 and she never really said "which" birthday she wanted it for.

This is a rag quilt that I made 2 years ago. I made one for each of my kids. My Out of Province BFF had made a Christmas rag quilt and I really liked it so I had to try also. Hers was detailed ..mine is simple. So when I was in the States I bought some homespun fabric....Well I was happier then a pig in *#!& when I got it so cheap..come home - cut it all out...then realized I forgot to double the quantity for the backing..Oh I go to Len's Mill Fabric Store who had a terrible selection to start with and ended up paying three times as much for the back as I did for both of the tops....grrrr.

This next picture was a panel I picked up at the Creative Sewing Festival in April 2007. When my other friends father passed away last September she kept reciting the Serenity Prayer over and over. So I took that panel...did some bead embellishment on the wreath and wrote out the prayer with a black Pigma pen and stippled it. She now has it hanging in her guest bedroom.

I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

Below is a mirror frame that I want to paint. It is not primed here but I do have that much done. While I was in London on Monday I went to Home Depot and picked up a quart of Ralph Lauren paint for $22.00. It had better go on like silk..actually for that price it should get itself out of the can and get on there all by itself. I wanted a dark brown/black and Ralph was the only one that had a colour even close to what I wanted. It is called Turret Stairs..and it is all because of this blog: Love her site and how she decorates with refurbished estate and garage sale finds. If I lived down there in Atlanta I would be following her all around every weekend.

That's all for today...Thanks for stopping by.