Jan 12, 2011

Itchy Itchy Itchy....

Is what I am. I ended up getting hives out of the blue last week and have been waiting to see the doctor. The Pharmacist told me to take Benadryl in the meantime and that stuff knocks me out, so my sleeping has been really screwed up and when I am awake I am so l-a-z-y. I did start back to the gym Mon- Wed - Friday's last week, so I am pleased about that. How is it when you are busy busy busy you wish you had time to do stuff and now that I am not busy I do feel like doing much of anything. 
So in the meantime I shall show you a centre piece table top I made and am now making 4 placemats to go with it to use up the scraps. Colours look like crap here..but I absolutely love the colours in person. The blue in the brown looks so blue here but not in person.

Not everyone is lazy like me. My out of province BFF sent me this picture of a quilt that she will be teaching a class in February.She is so talented and so percise.
I remember when she first asked me to come "quilt" with her and her other friends...
My response..Uhm......NO! NO! NO! That is for 80 yr olds. Wow, how nieve was I?
So the top is partially done and she is going to put a scallop border on it. Pretty Pretty.

Here is the start of a pattern for my next quilt...Just have to cut out some templates. Easy peasy.

Jan 2, 2011

Year 2011 - Project Me

I really do like the beginning of each year. It's like you have a chance to start "over", though we really can't ever start over. We can only continue our journey in a different way..with a different attitude..with different goals..The beginning of a new calendar ..is just that..the beginning of a new calendar year. A starting point. A date to measure our goals by. We usually give ourselves the entire year to measure success or failure.

I knew in March 2010 that I would be losing my job..sometime before the end of the year as my boss wanted to retire. I was so looking forward to that day. I chose to stay and work up until the final day rather then find another job so I could have some time off. I have been a workaholic for many many years. So in September my job of 12 years ended. At that time I had a part-time job also so I wasn't too worried but I got blindsided (along with others) and that job was finished in December. They may reopen in March 2011 after the owner renovates. He can go %#!@*& himself. I am pissed about that one. They are trying to sell as he wants to retire also. So I have gone from workaholic to sweet piss all!

Good comes from every bad though and since I was the only person in the office it was real hard for me to take holidays and when the job finished I got to visit BFF in New Brunswick and my brother in Nova Scotia.

This is the first time ever in my life that I have been without a job so this New Year I really am continuing my journey in a whole different way. I am still not sure what I want to be when I grow up.

This is what I do know though:
1. I want to change my blog name ( I believe this to be true) and format.
2. Either get my shit together and write on the blog or delete it.
3. I rather work 7 days a week and bitch about it, then not work at all.That I should take this time to get to
    know myself and what I want to do in the future.
4. I got very lazy and convinced myself that I should not waste the gas money to travel 1/2 hr to go to the
    YMCA since I do not work, but still pay the monthly fee.
5. Not going to the YMCA is more damaging then not working.

So to sum it up..quilt more..blog about it..exercise more...blog about it.

Best Wishes in 2011

Aug 9, 2010

Summertime means outside renovation time. This is what was under the front porch after it was removed.

I fell on top of this and it hurts. The ole mare ain't what she used to be.

But it did not hurt working on these:

Have a good day!

Jul 15, 2010

I previously showed you pics of my bosses garden and my perk for working for him, but I did not say what kind of work we do. Here is my boss at work...

Oh and I see our labourer doing some work too. Leaning against the ladder. And no..absolutely I do not work on the site..I just take pics and pick veggies from the garden back at the office.
It is a school that we just finished building.
Now we are going to fix this school.
Removing 2m around the perimeter of 4 walls to replace spalding bricks.

And here is a picture of the school we finished last year.
It is nominated for a Builders Excellence Award. As it should be. Nice looking school.

Wow..that is alot of blogging for one day.Got work to do now.
Have a Great Day

Oh How His Garden Grows!

Every year my boss says he is not going to plant his garden as big as he does. Every year he plants it bigger.

The thing is..there is no one to eat it all...even 1/4 of it. His kids come out every now and then to collect some veggies..but not enough to warrant a garden this size. I don't know why he bothers doing it so big..it is lot of work for him and ..let's say...he ain't getting any younger. Is it a male thing?
The cherry trees were unbelievable this year..sweet and sour both. Strawberries..not so good.

Fig Tree...Peach Tree...Grape Vines...forgot to take a picture of the Yellow Plum Tree.
In the garden (oh- there is another one around back) he has garlic..leeks..potatoes..tomatoes..zucchini  
..squash..snow peas..other peas..onions..3 types of lettuce..hot peppers..green and red peppers. Basil..rosemary..thyme..some kind of red bean..and who knows what else!!
So can you go and pick your lunch off a tree when you are at work..Perks!!!

Happy Picking!

I Wish

that either of these were mine..but they are not. My BFF sent me these following pics. 1st one is from her BOM she did through the Fat Quarter Shop. She did an awesome job. And the 2nd is a picture of a quilt at The Apple Blossom Quilt Show (somewhere) in the Maritimes and she knew I would appreciate that border and it is hand stitched. Enjoy!