Jan 8, 2009


Because I spend too much time on the computer and then find another Free BOM from Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs. Click on link in the sidebar or go to her blog: http://bunnyhill.blogspot.com/ Wow...I certainly hope I can follow through with both and become an overacheiver. So out of province BFF are you going to do this one also??
I am behind in my work now..so must get busy so I do not have to stay late...I have some sewing to do!!


Suzan said...

Isn't it frustrating when life gets in the way of sewing?!! :)

Uschi said...

Yes, I will be doing that one for sure! I love Bunny Hill.It will not be this week as we are painting the future sewing room/computer room.The cupboards are suppose to be here this month.I know what you mean about too much computer browsing. I am hooked on blogs! LOL. Want to do everything but can't find time by being on this computer.Happy sewing.