Nov 13, 2009

Amber's Quilt

I had part a whole whack of Buggy Barn to make my son's girlfriend this quilt. She wanted pink~ white and brown. Well I had it mostly done...and I hated it..just hated it..could not continue working on was just too blah ... wrong I went and bought different fabrics..I needed more bright colours to work with. The Object of Desire is more a coral then pink but I love it. Then the centres are charm squares Swanky by Chez Moi. and I can't think of who the brown with coloured dots belongs to right now but I think it's Timeless Treasures. I have been using white by Northcott Fabrics and love has the look of me anyhow. I like these colours. Hopefully she will also. I have alot more then this done so I can pick and choose blocks but I had this picture on my camera.

Already Here

I received my winnings from kimsbigquiltingadventure when I got home yesterday. Wow, that was so quick. I will be working on those when the snow time before Christmas this year, Then again you never know! Thanks Kim!

Nov 11, 2009

Going Crazy

This quilt drove me bonkers putting it together. What I thought were good flat seems..uhhmm..not so much. When I had it up on the wall- my daughter and I had it all sorted out so no two colours ended up side by side but somewhow I managed to screw all that up when I was sewing them together. That's o.k. Then I go to the quilt store to p/u the backing. Well I don't usually pay $9.00 a metre for backing but, it was the only Joel Dewberry left. I love Joel. He was worth it. So that was o.k. too. Now most of these fat quarters I got for 2 - 3 dollars (which is a good deal here). However this quilt is not fat quarter all. Alot of waste. But so worth it. So that was o.k. too. Allison never claimed it to be fat quarter friendly. She said to use strips. It was a great tutorial. I didn't listen...
So Sunday I am stippling happily away so I could sew the binding on while in front of  the TV  while watching Amazing Race~Desperate Housewifes and Brothers & Sisters. that was going to happen. I was almost done stippling and my machine started getting a little ALOT pissy with me ..jumping .. sticking... hopping...I broke 5 needles..I re-threaded..I cleaned...I begged..I pleaded. This was so not O.K. So I did what any frustrated quilter would do... I went bat shit crazy. I actually sat in front of that machine and yelled obscenities at it.. I think I am over my temper tantrum now and I will check tonight to see if it needs a doctor or a damn good smack.
Did I say how much I just love this quilt and I am so making one in traditional fabrics...soon. Oh..and from strips.


No idea if you are interested in these prints I picked up. I had to be careful in case you do not like any of them...because I would have to use them! One is gold on cream, gold on green, red-green and goldie colour, and some snowmen. You are more girlie girlie and huggy huggy then me..You are more artistic then me. We do not see the same. I do not like any traditional christmas I just winced and picked some Xmas colours that arn't so out and out christmasy. Though the green has trees...and there are snowmen. I do not know really what you want to make..I don't know much because you do not send me any pictures of anything you are working on. I have been forgotten. Sniff...Sniff..take a moment. the fourth picture is the ONLY two blues in the place with gold in it. One is navy and the other is a brighter blue. Hell if I know. But the numbers are not the same. The girl said the numbers could be different then yours because it is a different pattern. The numbers are not inclusive to a line.
C60-20-615 is the navy one. Let me know. Do you want me to take a picture of all the Xmas fabric that is on sale??? I will..just let me ends sometime..don't know when.

Nov 1, 2009

Excuse Me......

Excuse me....check THIS out. Oh Yes..that would be ME she is looking for. How awesome are those patterns. Thanks Kim.