Feb 22, 2010

The Wonders of the Web

So on my last post I received a comment..from  no other then Ricky Tims. Though I doubt  he was scrolling through blogs and found me. I would assume that he has some kind of program that lets his "people" know when someone refers to his Convergence Quilts. And rightfully so. I am working on another one (my rendition of) for my dining room wall. I am aware that I do not get to learn a whole lot from a 3 min video so I  will get his book. I can imagine one could do some interesting things with his technique. I used regular cotton in this picture and already learned the benefits of having the dyed or batik fabrics so you can flip the cuts whichever way you choose. Having only one good side does not give many options. But I still like it, and I am still interested in this technique. So my daughter who is an Amazon junkie will order the book for me on her next order so we can get free shipping.  Gotta save those dollars for fabric.
On other news..I prepared 3 quilts for finishing.
Have a good day!

Feb 12, 2010

Convergence Quilts

I watched a video last Friday where Ricky Tims was doing a demonstration on his "Convergence Quilt" technique. I...AM...HOOKED. I whipped this puppy up in no more then 1 hr..then spent time just sewing the snot out of it with different stitches for practice. (Still need alot of practice) I had these batiks laying around forever, so I used them for the practice one but I luv how they turn out and am kicking my ass that I do not have enough to make a larger wall quilt. The possibilities are endless!!I have all kinds of ideas running through my head and I am going to get some nicer batiks and make a bigger one...

Have a good weekend.


Feb 10, 2010

Tutorial Thief

I never did post a picture of this quilt that I did from a tutorial on http://www.cluckclucksew.com/. I love it. I am going to make another one with traditional fabrics.

I am a massive TUTORIAL THIEF. But in my defensive ... these lovely people do take their time to make great tutorials for us and I bet they are pleased as punch when we use them. I know that I always send the person I got the tutorial from a picture of the finished quilt and they appreciate knowing that you used it and seeing the finished product.
I am doing the quilt below with Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler fabrics. It goes together so easy with THIS tutorial.  I wanted to make one with the same fabric in the tutorial but I could not find the fabrics - I ended up doing one with a retro look because these FQ's were only $2.00 each. Imagine...a thief and cheap!

I generally hate Len's Mill Stores (because they over price their fabric that is 3-4 years old and sometimes even sell fabric from Joann Fabrics from the States at 3x the cost)  but I did stop by there the other day to check out the price of Bamboo batting ~ and lo and behold ~ they had layer cakes (new for them) and the price was $21.99 and charm packs for $ 5.99. I knew that was cheap for Ontario so I had to buy them just because I think someone priced them wrong.
So feminine...Patissiere...so not like me.
The next day I checked out the Len's Mill near my work and they were $30.00 there and charm packs were $8.99.. Then I checked online and in the States they are still selling the layer cakes for $35.00. So I am estatic that they priced them wrong and I got them for the price I did...suckers....looks good on them.

Did you know that since October 1, 2009 I have only missed the gym 4 times...Oh yeah..pat me on the back. I still like going just as much as I did when I first started.

Talk to you soon

Feb 8, 2010

This would be fun!

By camera battery is being a little bitchy lately..so in the meantime..check this out:

I could so do this in any station...how fun is that.

Then when you are done there - check out how they did it: