Jan 1, 2009

Bad Start - Good Finish

Well it is New Years Day and I have been surfing and catching up on some blog reading. I decided that I would (should) check my stat counter because I am rather new at this blogging thing and do not have much traffic like many others do. Then again..I haven't had much interesting to say either. Hmmmm. Not usual at all for me. I have an opinion on EVERYTHING! Anyhow, my counter says that 2,903 people have been through here. So either I am a very very boring blogger (probably true) or I do not blog enough (probably true also). So either I chat it up like I am good at or I post more quilting stuff which I am bad at. (a.k.a. LAZY) So I decided I will do both. Just not today.
This morning at 6 am the phone woke me up. It's my son.
Son: Mom, the ambulance is on its way
Me: WHAT? What happened
Son: My bowel movements (a.k.a. bum urine as he calls it) has too much blood in it and I am having trouble breathing
Me: WHAT? Why did you not call me...I am getting dressed..I am leaving and I will meet you at the hospital.
Son: I don't know what hospital they will take me to.
Me: I will find you - no worries...(Mothers just know that stuff)

Get dressed in 30 seconds flat..go to the car..OH MY GOD..I forgot(too lazy) to get gas last night. It is New Years Day and there are no gas stations open until 9 am.
So wake up friend who drives me to daugters and took her to work and made it to Cambridge Hospital by 7 am. Not bad timing actually.
In the meantime his girlfriend had been at work (she is a prison guard) and since she was on escort duty she was also able to leave an hour early since she would not be escorting anyone in the next hour.
He was put on IV for the day with antibiotics and to get fluids in him as he was dehydrated. He has had the diaherra since Sunday but just gradually got worse. So he did not actually have trouble breathing it is just that whatever illness he has and the dehydration caused him to be so weak and it was exhausting for him to walk from the bed to the bathroom so many times during the night. The doctor says he probably felt like he was running marathons due to dehydration.
While I was driving over I had checked my cell phone and he had left me a text message at 4:30 am that said "Mom - I need to go to the hospital" Seriously, a text message? You called me at 6 am - you could have called me at 4:30 and saved yourself $85.00.
So they let him go around 4 p.m. without knowing what it is. Nothing showed up in his blood work and they will test his usual urine and his "bum urine" as he calls it. They will call if something significant shows up, and of course..if you get worse - come back to the hospital.
So at 11:00 tonight I called him and he said he had woke up around 8 completely soaked, so that would mean at least his fever broke.
So I am puppy sitting for a few days so he can rest and get better.

Did I read somewhere " a bad start to the new year means a good finish"? Hope so.

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