Apr 15, 2010

Breaking Ground Quilt.

How is it that I grew up in Toronto and had never heard of this tragedy. Mind you I was just a baby at the time but you would think that one would have heard about this. More so now, that I am in the construction industry. Read this article and look at this quilt. Awesome work by fabric artist Laurie Swim. I had never heard of her also...It's an interesting read...GO HERE  and read about her work.
Then GO HERE to see the quilt.

Apr 9, 2010

This is Why I do not Facebook

I do not want to know every detail of what my kids are up to. Just like I did not want my mother to know either.  But it is funny.

Apr 5, 2010

It's Been A While

but I have been busy. I decided I would get all my tops together and start sewing them..and I have...except at the same time I started two more. My goodness what is wrong with me?? I need to Focus!!
Well now I am going to Focus....on something else of course....
I have committed to sending some blocks and some baby quilts to this lady for her Quilting for Babes cause. Check out her blog and maybe you may want to donate also. I am pleased that it is for a Canadian Hospital.
Next up are two WIP by my BFF. One is from a free BOM from Gail Pan Designs...(I think I have one more block to do) and the other is one she is doing in her Quilt Guild in New Brunswick. Love it!!
My BFF does not think she does good work...ha ha..you should see her painting...she is quite the artistic gal.

Have a Great Day