Jan 18, 2010

How do you decide?

I don't buy alot of patterns but I do get alot of ideas off of blogs and tutorials and pictures of quilts. It's not that I don't want to buy patterns..I just can't follow them well. When I use to crochet I would call stitches..small ones..funny ones..big ones. It is funny how we all  process info different. So when I see a quilt that I like..usually it is the colour I notice first and fall in love with and the pattern is secondary. Then I have to draw it myself for it to make sense to me. Then if a pattern is available I will buy it if I want to make it. Even at work I read blueprints for construction jobs and if it is anything other then square I need to draw little pictures for the drawing to make sense to me what we are building. I have asked for Lego for the last 10 years...I thought it would help to build it first. I am still waiting. So what's the point you say???
Well I think we all have our favorite designers..admit it..even if it's just to yourself. While we appreciate them all and like their work ....we do not idolize them all equally. I have my hands down favorite. Healther Mulder Peterson. Love her quilts. Love her blog. So anyhow..I was at the LQS and seen they have an upcoming class and they had a top completed up on the wall of the pattern they were doing and I thought.."I have seen that quilt somewhere" . I read the info and it was one of Heather's quilts that I just had seen on her blog the other day. I don't need to take the class to make the quilt, but all of a sudden I felt uhmmm..let's say "protective". The sample they had up was absolutely no indication of the actual quilts Heather does. I did not like the quilt sample and I would not have wanted to make this quilt if I had not of seen  this quilt  first. I wanted to say to the shop owner that I don't think she did this pattern any justice. So is that just me..are others able to look past boring and see potential?

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Uschi said...

I see what you mean. You can see a quilt by the original artist and you are so awed by the beauty but then you see one that someone else did of the same pattern and it does not do the artist justice. I think it is all in the actually quilting of the top.The original quilt has probably very detailed quilting then someone elses does not, which to me changes the look. This is how I see it and even changing one color or material design will change the look.