Jan 1, 2010

And New Year Begins

I have been thinking lately that I need to get on the bandwagon and either post to my blog or delete it. I had started to do the blog so that I could stay in touch and show  BFF (who ditched me) what I am working on and also keep track of what I was working on...Oh yeah..and have somewhere neutral to bitch since no one in my family reads this any how . So I will be better at blogging this year. So I was looking through the blog....and thought.....not a hell of alot done.  I start things and do not finish.. I have lots of unfinished projects. It stresses me out having all this unfinished stuff. So change is needed and change will start ... today ....with this.....ahhhhh that feels better already.

Then I gave myself a pat on the back for the more important things that I DID accomplish. Quit smoking in June and joining the YMCA in October. I go to the YMCA  - Mon - Fri at 6 am and have not missed a day.Even though today is a holiday it is Friday so I went today..and did the gym and aqua fit.
I hope I NEVER start smoking again....I know people that started again after being smoke free for a long time...Please don't let that be me. Just before Xmas I went to my doctor to get the results of updated blood work..you know..to see how its all going. Well WTF was up with that? My cholesterol was down..impressively so -  if I do say so myself...my Vitamin D was finally on its way up after another 12 weeks of 50,000 i.u. (not an exageration). I did have the lowest count of any patient in her office but just recently got beat out by a patient that was 1 number lower then me...they now hold the record and they can have it...BUT my sugar was elevated and my triglycerides were elelvated and they have never been.. What's up with that shit?? Don't know but I am going to work hard to make sure they come down and get re-tested in March.

That's all for now .
Take Care

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Uschi said...

You should be proud of yourself. Sounds like you did more postive for you this past year than anyone else, myself included. Never stuck the to lose the weight and exercise more and finish ufo's, and so on and so on! A real thumbs up for you. Ah , I really don't believe your Bff ditched you. Maybe she is a lazy one. Good luck in 2010, I know it will out do your accomplishments of 2009.