Jul 15, 2010

I previously showed you pics of my bosses garden and my perk for working for him, but I did not say what kind of work we do. Here is my boss at work...

Oh and I see our labourer doing some work too. Leaning against the ladder. And no..absolutely I do not work on the site..I just take pics and pick veggies from the garden back at the office.
It is a school that we just finished building.
Now we are going to fix this school.
Removing 2m around the perimeter of 4 walls to replace spalding bricks.

And here is a picture of the school we finished last year.
It is nominated for a Builders Excellence Award. As it should be. Nice looking school.

Wow..that is alot of blogging for one day.Got work to do now.
Have a Great Day

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