Feb 10, 2010

Tutorial Thief

I never did post a picture of this quilt that I did from a tutorial on http://www.cluckclucksew.com/. I love it. I am going to make another one with traditional fabrics.

I am a massive TUTORIAL THIEF. But in my defensive ... these lovely people do take their time to make great tutorials for us and I bet they are pleased as punch when we use them. I know that I always send the person I got the tutorial from a picture of the finished quilt and they appreciate knowing that you used it and seeing the finished product.
I am doing the quilt below with Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler fabrics. It goes together so easy with THIS tutorial.  I wanted to make one with the same fabric in the tutorial but I could not find the fabrics - I ended up doing one with a retro look because these FQ's were only $2.00 each. Imagine...a thief and cheap!

I generally hate Len's Mill Stores (because they over price their fabric that is 3-4 years old and sometimes even sell fabric from Joann Fabrics from the States at 3x the cost)  but I did stop by there the other day to check out the price of Bamboo batting ~ and lo and behold ~ they had layer cakes (new for them) and the price was $21.99 and charm packs for $ 5.99. I knew that was cheap for Ontario so I had to buy them just because I think someone priced them wrong.
So feminine...Patissiere...so not like me.
The next day I checked out the Len's Mill near my work and they were $30.00 there and charm packs were $8.99.. Then I checked online and in the States they are still selling the layer cakes for $35.00. So I am estatic that they priced them wrong and I got them for the price I did...suckers....looks good on them.

Did you know that since October 1, 2009 I have only missed the gym 4 times...Oh yeah..pat me on the back. I still like going just as much as I did when I first started.

Talk to you soon

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Uschi said...

Love those quilts! Lucky you. I love anything from Fig Tree. Wish I could find good bargins like that . Even some good fabric would be great. I am also starting to enjoy the tutorials. Have a few picked out from Moda Bake Shop. There is something special seeing the tutorials then reading instructions from a pattern.Happy quilting.