Nov 13, 2009

Amber's Quilt

I had part a whole whack of Buggy Barn to make my son's girlfriend this quilt. She wanted pink~ white and brown. Well I had it mostly done...and I hated it..just hated it..could not continue working on was just too blah ... wrong I went and bought different fabrics..I needed more bright colours to work with. The Object of Desire is more a coral then pink but I love it. Then the centres are charm squares Swanky by Chez Moi. and I can't think of who the brown with coloured dots belongs to right now but I think it's Timeless Treasures. I have been using white by Northcott Fabrics and love has the look of me anyhow. I like these colours. Hopefully she will also. I have alot more then this done so I can pick and choose blocks but I had this picture on my camera.

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