Nov 11, 2009


No idea if you are interested in these prints I picked up. I had to be careful in case you do not like any of them...because I would have to use them! One is gold on cream, gold on green, red-green and goldie colour, and some snowmen. You are more girlie girlie and huggy huggy then me..You are more artistic then me. We do not see the same. I do not like any traditional christmas I just winced and picked some Xmas colours that arn't so out and out christmasy. Though the green has trees...and there are snowmen. I do not know really what you want to make..I don't know much because you do not send me any pictures of anything you are working on. I have been forgotten. Sniff...Sniff..take a moment. the fourth picture is the ONLY two blues in the place with gold in it. One is navy and the other is a brighter blue. Hell if I know. But the numbers are not the same. The girl said the numbers could be different then yours because it is a different pattern. The numbers are not inclusive to a line.
C60-20-615 is the navy one. Let me know. Do you want me to take a picture of all the Xmas fabric that is on sale??? I will..just let me ends sometime..don't know when.

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