Aug 31, 2008


Well I guess everyone does it/has done it. I looked at this block and realized what I did and un-sewed it...and then sewed it back together the same way..not once...but four flippin' times..grrr.

It is the Churn Dash block..and there is nothing worse then triangles..except taking them apart!

Picture doesn't show what rich colours these are..when it is done I will get a better pic so it will show colours better.

Now onto other things....I have been gnawing at the bit for grandchildren for the last 2 years. My DS has made it quite clear that I need to look elsewhere ~~ simple as that ~~ no specific reason ~~even though he is the when I look at my DD she gives reasons like... needing to be married before that happens. Really? Since when? Lots of people have babies without being married...I don't know why she can't.....( I know I am not being responsible..but they do) So I tell her to get married ...BUT then she says she needs a boyfriend first......well......would you date either one of them when they look like this?

Well at least they know how to have a good time when they get to see each other!!

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