Aug 23, 2008

Another One

I finally finished the top of the quilt with the Mix & Mingle charm packs. I put a little peeper border on it and then a regular border. I will scallop the border after it is quilted to jazz it up a bit since this is the first quilt I made just with charms packs. When I went to the LQS to pick up some yardage for the peeper and the outside border I had in mind to do the peeper in the torqouise which I did, but I wanted a dark fabric for the outside and they did not have any. So I picked the yardage from the Fall Back in Time line. It looks more yellow then I expected but at least it is done. AND I still love those colours....
I skipped out of work for the afternoon on Thursday and tommorrow I shall post what I bought.

1 comment:

Leah Day said...

Very pretty quilt! I love those charm packs too. They're so addictive. When a quilt store has a display I have to seriously control myself or I will go nuts.

I think they created them that way on purpose. It's like crack for quilters.