Jul 15, 2008


Oh yes, that's right. I am lusting...and if BFF is reading this from the new province then she had better be lusting also. We both lusted after Keith Urban..but he is old news and ever since he got married he has turned into a girl...HOWEVER, I will never fall out of lust with my new love - GARY ALLAN.....he will never turn into a girl..and I will think of him everytime I am in an airplane. I have spent about 2 hours now reading his bio from every available site that had any actual info on him and listening to his music. I have pretty much watched all his videos on You Tube also... I heard about Gary Allan last year when my daughter went to see Rascal Flatts in Toronto and he opened for them, and she told me his wife had died and the song he sang was one he wrote after she passed away..but selfish..terrible me...I was too busy quilting to pay attention..when I should have been consoling him. You can check him out here if you wish:
Did I mention how much I am lusting after him?
Must go - Gary is waiting!!!

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Colleen said...

I'm a total Keith fan, but Gary is a close 2nd in my book. I actually had the most fantastic dream about him the other night. I was so sad when the alarm went off. You have great taste :)