Jul 5, 2008

Back in January I went with my daughter to Ikea in Burlington. On the way I HAD to stop at a quilt store in Waterdown. Well they had a sample of this quilt hanging up with these exact colours and my daughter asked me if I could make that for her birthday, which is in January. Well OF COURSE I can, lets pick out the material! I want those exact colours she said. Well I was surprised but said to the lady "Can you collect me the exact same fabrics as your sample?"
So she did, we left, I put the top together and there it sits UNFINISHED. I think she should have been a bit clear on which birthday year she wanted it.
The pattern is Cheese 'n Crackers from Atkinsons Designs and if I had not seen the pattern made with these colours I would probably never would have purchased the pattern. The colours shown on the pattern cover is not very enticing at all. Goes to show you - it's all about colour!!. It was such an easy and fun pattern that I will do another one....eventually.

The first picture is from the package and the second is the one I made for my daughter.
I actually just love the colours in it. They look wild but go together so nice. I think it is the white that makes it stand out. Love. Love. Love. It.


Hazel said...

The quilt store in Waterdown is one of my favorites ,the girls there are always so helpful .Now Ikea is another story I love the store but every time we go we can never find a parking space .You did a great job on the quilt I'm sure your daughter will be very pleased .

Bethany said...

I didn't like the colors on the pattern either. I did mine with golds/burgandy/greens. It turned out wonderful. Yours is great.

ROZ said...

That's a very striking quilt.

Amelia said...

Love the pattern and color selection.