Jul 11, 2008


So I put in a full week without taking care of my bosses wife...Weird..I did not know how to work for a full 8 hours. For the last 6 months I have only been getting 3/4 of a days work in as the rest of the time was taking care of Carolyn. It will take me a bit to get back in the swing of things I think. On Wednesday I mailed for them ...get this...450 thank you cards..and they were waiting for their order of another 200 thank you cards from the funeral home!. Wholly.........who knows that many people?? Just think...those thank you cards only went to those that made donations to a charity or sent flowers....Seriously....who knows that many people???? They used 2 guest books at the funeral home....I am gobsmacked..................... Like I said I was there 10 years and I am thinking...where the hell were all these people for the last 10 years and why did you not come and see or call or send cards in the last 6 months of her life?

On the quilting front - I have not done any sewing.....but I think I shall work on my daughter's quilt. That would be the RIGHT thing to do. BUT...... Oh I know...I shall go to the quilt store in town in the morning to see what else I can buy that I don't need.

Last time I went there they had fat quarters for $1.00 and yardarge for $5.00 of Northcott Fabric Line called Hanky Panky by Ro Gregg. Who could resist those prices and they had some of the entire line. So with them I have put together this pattern called Porch Swing by Bella Moon. I had seen it made up at the Creative Sewing Festival Spring show in Toronto with April Cornell "Sunshine Fabric".

It was gorgeous made out of the Sunshine Fabric Line so I bought the pattern. HOWEVER, I was quite surprised to find out that the whole thing is made only with one block - and a LOG CABIN block at that. How did I miss that? I didn't need a pattern to do that. So when I got the Hanky Panky fabric so cheap I decided I would use that. I still have a final border to put on it. Maybe that will get done tommorrow???? So here it is so far:

Here's a couple of close ups of the fabric.....Geez, I take awful pictures....The colours are much nicer in person. My daughter has the same camera so she is going to have to show mama how to take a proper picture. I've seen her pics and they are nice..must just be me or our lighting here.

Then again..I really should pull some weeds before the neighbours think I have abandoned the house. I hear they send the city in to clean up the yard and send you the bill after it becomes an eye sore so I could wait for that....wonder how much that costs? Probably more then I would save on fabric - even if they had more at $1.00 a fat quarter.

Have a great weekend..thanks for stopping by.


Quilter said...

lol at the photo taking comment, I swear nobody on the planet takes worse pics than me, 'cept possibly my mother..altho even hers are clearer than mine, just headless =)

Helen said...

Those are very pretty fabrics. I am sorry about your boss' wife. She was very fortunate indeed to have you caring for her.