Jul 4, 2008

Another Journey

I work in a small construction company's office..the office being attached to my employers house and have been there for 10 years. I became the adopted daughter. Two years ago my bosses wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and it had held its own until this past January. After a few days in hospital her wish was to come home to live her final days and it was at this time that her palliative care started. Between my boss and I, we have taken care of her since then. I looked after her the most, probably because the office is right there and I certainly could not just shut the door and pretend she was not on the other side. Her family did what they could, when they could but the main care was from me and my boss. She passed away July 1 at age 64!
This is the message she was given at the cancer centre when first treated: Any women who spots blood after menopause needs to have their doctor prove to them that it is NOT CANCER. before allowing them to prescribe progestrone for spotting. Unfortunately by the time she had her hysterectomy it had spread to her adominal cavity. It was a rare form of pappillary serous carcenoma and she was diagnosed at Grade 4. Her only symptom was spotting.
In fairness to her doctors..it was suggested to her that she have a hysterectomy about 8 yrs ago but she did not want to have that done ( no one had mentioned the "C "word only that she did not need her uterus any longer ) so she was quick to accept whatever treatment they prescribed to her in the early stages that did not involve surgery. Would the outcome be any different? Who knows.

Today is a Gift.....Tommorrow is promised to NO ONE.


Hazel said...

xtkufmzoWhat a nice tribute to this lady ,your words of wisdom are something we all need to remember .Your a caring and generous lady and I'm sure her hubby treasures you for all your help .

Amelia said...

I am sorry for your loss..losing a person that you have been in contact with on a daily basis (even if they are not family)would be difficult.

In spite of this - try to enjoy the weekend.

Quilter said...

Really sorry to hear of your friends passing, I am so glad to read that she had you to care for her in her final days.
I know all too well what it takes to care for someone with terminal cancer, as I suspect a great deal of us do these days, sadly it seems cancer has touched the lives of most everyone in some way.
Hugs from a fellow Ontarian.