Jun 19, 2008


Who would have thought? I have comments!! Hurray!! I joined two Quilting Rings..and all in one day I might add.

I have been lurking around this quilters website http://cre8tivequilter.blogspot.com/for quite a while and absolutely love her "A Bit Askew" quilt that she made for her aunt. Go and check it out.

I have been stalking http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.com/ for a long long time and am still wondering how she gets her quilts done so quick and hosts quilt alongs also...Amazing I say. My BFF that is moving to another Province at the end of the month did the first quilt along..Wonder if she finished it??

Today was 2nd physio appointment. Yesterday I was in more pain then I was when I went in there and not a happy camper at all. So I called and complained - well not really - I only voiced my opinion in an agitated tone - one that one would expect one to have when they are in agony...however..these girls don't scare easily as they convinced me to go back today. Hmmm..well I can walk straight, but can't sit much..so I am on my knees at this time typing away here. I haven't tried quilting on my knees yet....But I am sure I will be able to kneel at my desk tommorrow at work. My boss will make sure of that no doubt.

So enough of all that whining.....let me show you a table runner I have made. It is from the Spring 07 issue of America Loves Scrap Quilts by Jo Beth Simons. I did not make it exactly like the pattern as I had these scraps I wanted to use and they were only 2.0". Being the novice quilter I am I thought I would find it easier to lay it out on quilter grid and sew on the lines..NOT!! I do not like that stuff. But it's done and it was a bit more experience so it's all good in the end. The applique is raw edge and sewed with a satin stitch. I think you can double click to make it larger if you wish.
Thanks for stopping by.


Hazel said...

Your table runner is so pretty ,love the colors in all those tiny squares .

Amelia said...

The color combination is just perfect for a fall table setting.

Also welcome to our group...we are pleased to have you join us as a sister in the quilting family.

Do something fun this weekend.

Uschi said...

Hello This is your BFF, and yes I finished the first guilt along by Crazy Mom Quilts. I did it in red and whites. It is for my youngest daughter. I do understand your agony with your back,been there. Now I really love the colors you used in your table runner. Beautiful.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Welcome to the group! Love your table runner! Hope the therapy helps more the next time. What's that saying about no pain no....gain? I hate that one.
Regina MI

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Oh....I just saw you are in Ontario. I'm in Michigan....
Nice to meet a new "neighbor"!

Bethany said...

Ohh..love the table runner!