Jun 18, 2008

Getting old is Not for the weak!

So my back has been bothering me off and on and finally I decided to break down and pay for physiotherapy. WELL that did not go well. I feel worse today then when I went in there!! After that tortured me for an hour I came home and went to bed and that is where I probably should be right now. However, the whole idea behind going to physio was I may as well pay up since I would end up losing work time if I didn't. Well low and behold, I am not going into work any time soon this morning!!! Then at noon I will call them and ask them what the heck they did to me!!

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Bethany said...

I had physical therapy for my back. I was so sore I thought they'd made it worse and wanted to give up. Don't give up on it as it works. I'm so glad I didn't give up. If it really hurts, say something so the person doing it will try something else or not push you so hard.