Jun 22, 2008

Get on with it

I am feeling alot better then I was Friday, so I decided that I would wait until I get a CatScan done on my back before I let the physio people at me again.

I still can't sit very long but it is getting there..so no excuse for not going to work tommorrow.

Since I can't sit and sew I think I shall clean the sewing cave this afternoon and leave you with some pictures of a quilt I made for my grandaughter. I can't remember where I had seen this quilt but thought it was an easy one. I made it 2 yrs ago and it was hand stitched...I know I need practice doing that, but it won't be anytime too soon!

Oh, did I mention that I don't have a granddaughter yet? Just thought I should do one because I may not be here by the time my DS or DD decide to give me one! DD has no interest in even dating right now..DS is seeing a girl off and on who has 2 children so I let him know that pre-made grandchildren would be perfectly acceptable with me. The clock is ticking..maybe not theirs but mine is...They need to get on these things in a timely manner eh!!


Amelia said...

Very pretty and so appropriate for a grand daughter...when ever she might come along. Might want to make one just in case the first grandchild is a boy. lol

Have a fun filled week that is filled with pleasant surprises.


vtquilter said...

What a pretty quilt! I think your hand work is great. Glad you joined the ring and hope to learn more about you in your blogs.

LisaC said...

Nice! I really like this pattern. I am always looking for easy ideas. I am not very skilled when it comes to matching up seams and making good points.