Jan 12, 2011

Itchy Itchy Itchy....

Is what I am. I ended up getting hives out of the blue last week and have been waiting to see the doctor. The Pharmacist told me to take Benadryl in the meantime and that stuff knocks me out, so my sleeping has been really screwed up and when I am awake I am so l-a-z-y. I did start back to the gym Mon- Wed - Friday's last week, so I am pleased about that. How is it when you are busy busy busy you wish you had time to do stuff and now that I am not busy I do feel like doing much of anything. 
So in the meantime I shall show you a centre piece table top I made and am now making 4 placemats to go with it to use up the scraps. Colours look like crap here..but I absolutely love the colours in person. The blue in the brown looks so blue here but not in person.

Not everyone is lazy like me. My out of province BFF sent me this picture of a quilt that she will be teaching a class in February.She is so talented and so percise.
I remember when she first asked me to come "quilt" with her and her other friends...
My response..Uhm......NO! NO! NO! That is for 80 yr olds. Wow, how nieve was I?
So the top is partially done and she is going to put a scallop border on it. Pretty Pretty.

Here is the start of a pattern for my next quilt...Just have to cut out some templates. Easy peasy.

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Uschi said...

You can send that table topper to me. I love it ! Hope those itchy hives don't come back. I now how annoying they are. Glad to see yoyur blogging again. Waiting for more.