Dec 4, 2008


I have come to the conclusion that I am not superwoman anymore. I have lost that title. I know that Christmas is on Dec 25th around the entire world and yet I look at other blogs and they are sewing up a storm and decorating and baking...and I am wondering...What the ?**#$**? How do they do that?
I have not finished shopping..(maybe it's because I have not started) I go to the stores and just cannot get into the mood this year. I think.." I will get so & so this..and so & so that..and then I just go "nah" and come home and think about how much I have to do and how much time I do not have left. I have no tree up, I have no decorations up, I have not even thought about baking anything...(just as well - I am a horrible baker!!)
Seriously, does no one else work? Do they have alot of free time? Are they just more motivated than I am?

Speaking of work...I know who doesn't son. After 9 years -3 guys got permanently layed off on Tuesday. Economic slowdown. WOW. I actually thought he had a recession proof job but I guess that was a wake up call. So I have been making a few calls to find out some info for the 3 boys and have come to the conclusion that I didn't know all about the labour laws that I thought I did. When the **#@!!** did that happen? My goodness I am slipping.
They were given an offer and a paper to sign that they would not discuss the offer with anyone, but they did discuss it with a lawyer who thought it was not a great offer so they hired him and we will see what happens. I thought the offer was fair..I guess not.

Well I must go to work now and I do have some quilting pictures to post now that they have arrived at their destination.

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