Dec 4, 2008

One Down

I finally got this off to my out of province BFF. I needed it there by Dec 1 and it got there exactly on time. I procrastinate...ALOT!!!
This was a cute panel that you sewed together and then fused the prints onto felt to put in the pockets as the days progress or put them in the pocket and take them out and put them in the bowl as the dates progress. It is called Cookie Cutter Advent Panel by Janet Wecker-Frisch. I know....I cheated..but sewing a blanket stitch around all the little guys was time consuming.

Then I had made the one below from the Dec 2008 Quilter's World magazine. A table runner designed by Grenzner of Quilter's Roost. The original was quite large 24" x 54" and I could not remember how big her table was so I shrunk it down to approx 16" x36". The first one I made was a disaster and I do not think that the one I sent was a whole lot better. Me and those triangles did not get along. I usually do not have a problem with triangles but this time they had a mind of their own.

Oops!! Note to self - look at the picture before you send things away...I think I forgot to wipe the chalk marks off....Maybe she won't notice.ssssh.

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