Oct 29, 2008


Close to where I live is an outlet store called Len's Mill. They have several locations in southwestern Ontario. My friend said the other day that she picked up some fabric and was shocked that it cost her $17.99 a metre. So was I but I thought that maybe she just picked a new Xmas fabric. Len's Mill does not carry a full line of any one fabric line - they are an outlet and have fabric from all manufacturers and usually it is the older stuff. So the next day I had to go into Cambridge for work and stopped at the Len's Mill they have over there to check out the Christmas fabric.
I was flabbergasted. I do not pay this for new lines of fabrics from any of our quilt stores in the area. The quilt shop has sale fabric cheaper then Len's.
Furthermore, I found Joann Fabric from the United States there for sale. What's with that?

Here is the email I sent to them...I await their response..

I have to tell you..I went to your store in Cambridge today and was APPALLED at the price of your Christmas Fabric.

Your home page specifically says the following:
Len's Mill Store always offers great quality at unbeatable low prices! There's so much more at Len's Mill Store!
Absolutely this is NOT true. The pricing of your fabric at 14.99 and 17.99 is not an unbeatable low price at all. Further your choice of Christmas fabrics are more often then not from the year 2003 - 2005.
The quilt stores in Guelph, Fergus and Elora sell CURRENT lines of fabric for LESS money then that.

Also even with the dollar less then the American Dollar you can still buy CURRENT fabric from on-line stores at a lower cost then you offer..and you all buy your fabric from the same place.
In fact I am willing to bet that you have purchased fabric this year when our dollar was even with the United States and that you will still sell at your inflated prices.

Furthermore, you are selling "Len's Mill Logo" fabric for 25% off...and alot of that fabric is from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store in the United States. Are they part of your business partnership? I frequent Jo-Ann Fabric often and the price you are selling is again significantly higher then their price. What is going on? Does Jo-Ann Fabric endorse this?

I know I am only one person but I will wait for your response and then I am going to post this on my quilting blog so I no longer will be only one person

I couldn't wait. I am not a patient person when I am getting ripped off!


Dalia said...

I think Joann Fabrics is the best store to get nice quality fabric at genuine price.

Uschi said...

I agree with everything you said about Len's Mill. That is why I have not shopped there in a few years. Besides the fabric being way OVER PRICED the stores are very disorganized and very very dusty. I started ordering on-line or going to the quilt shops because they are cheaper and clean! Whenever I am in the states I also stock up on Joann's Fabric.

Rose Marie said...

I haven't been to Len's Mills stores in a few years now; but usually shop at the booth in the Creative Festivals. I wonder now how their prices will be at the next show this coming spring? I even saw some Fabricland fabric at their store and at a price higher than what FL sold it for. For me, I've been ordering on-line and it really is much cheaper and for brands that no one seems to carry here in Toronto.