Oct 9, 2009

My doctor's office called about my test results for my cholestrol levels. I was not surprised how high they were but my Doctor was. She upped my dose of Lipitor but really it is not an "up" dose because I haven't been taking my Lipitor for about 2 years because I did not want to pay for them. But don't think I wouldn't spend that 45 per month on quilting.. There are heart issues every which way in my family so it was actually a stupid thing to do. Regardless, I quit smoking 4 months ago...so that will help..I am taking my Lipitor at the "upped" dose for 6 weeks and then I will get re-tested.... and since Oct 1st - four mornings a week I get to see this:

I joined the YMCA with my friend Trudy. This is usually what we see when we are LEAVING. We meet there at 6:00 am and we have started with swimming to help build our endurance and flex our muscles. This weekend I am going out to get me some cute workout clothes for the machines that we will start on next week. I am excited...Wonder how long that will last? Already I feel so much better..Who knew??

So when I am not hauling my fat ass in the pool I am working on this quilt:

I am so addicted to making these blocks. I made another 10 last night and I think I may have enough for a good size lap or twin. You can make this quilt too if you follow this tutorial http://www.cluckclucksew.com/2009/09/tutorial-double-hourglass-blocks-easy.html. She tells you to try one block first, and for me to get it to work I had to cut the square 7 5/8 x 7 5/8. But do try one..they are addicting.
Have a good day.


Jackie said...

It must be nice to leave the gym and see such a beautiful sunrise. Good idea to get your workout in first thing!

Love your quilt blocks!

Thelma said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought I would hop over and see what I could find out about you. This is my first visit to your blog but your " tell it like it is" approach is refreshing.

Funny thing, for some reason I got up and got on the treadmill today, first time in ages. Are you sticking with your exercise routine?

I'll be back!