Sep 4, 2009

When to say NO!

It is the long weekend...Luv it. Need it. Want it. Then my friend calls and says she is having a garage sale this Sun. and Mon. and would I want to put anything in it. HUH? That is short notice since I work tonight, Sat night and Sun Okay..will you help? HUH? ... so uhmm.. I guess so.  Now I know she works hard..she has her own little lunch cafe'..but she is done each day at 4 pm and she closes Sunday's and Monday's. She is now only doing it to put in time- or to ignore her husband, I am not sure which anymore.
We became friends just after I moved to this town. Marie's daughter played baseball with my daughter and that is how we met. Marie worked for Carmen at a (then larger) restaurant that Carmen owned and asked me to come work with them. I was told by many that "I" would not get along with Carmen because the two of us would butt heads. I remember the first thing Carmen said to me " Just because you managed at a big restaurant with a head office - don't think you can bring that "chain restaurant" attitude in here"  I looked at her and said "Wow, you really can be a bitch". She said - YOU ARE HIRED!.
We got along great and we have been friends now for 16 yrs.
But I still don't want to help her with the garage sale.

Have a great weekend.

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Uschi said...

I know how hard it is to say 'NO', but in the end you will probly have a good time. Call it quality time with a friend. Those are rare. I sure miss my BB. I have known her for over 25 years and my first impression was not good. When I got to know her I found a warm , loving , honest and sensitive caring person whose friendship I will always treasure. She has been my strenght and back bone thru some tough years and a hugh shoulder that I cried on many many times. So my BB go have a good time today with Carmen and enjoy the time together.