Jul 29, 2009

How much say do designer's have?

My son's girlfriend asked me to make her a quilt. Well " I most certainly will". However, it will be for Christmas. So I sent her a bunch of choices and she ended up choosing this one. It was a mystery quilt they did. I can't tell you how pleased I am that she chose a very easy one. She said she is just a simple girl...but I think its because down deep she knew these designer's are from Manitoba and so is she. She wanted pink - brown - white. I chose "In the Pink II" from Buggy Barn. I haven't decided if I am using white or cream fabric yet though. I will make a block of each and then decide.

I know many designers let us into their creative space, offer free designs, tutorials and advice, and we all appreciate it, probably more then they will ever know. That said ... I still go bat shit crazy when I buy fabric with an obvious straight pattern like this one

Now this is only a fat quarter and look how much waste there is. When I see an obvious "straight" design sewn on to the sides of a block ...it is the first thing I notice when it has been cut crooked and sewn on. It sticks out like a sore thumb and takes away from the quilt.

So do you think designers have a say with the fabric manufactures that would correct this problem or not?

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