Nov 16, 2008

Not Liking This...AT ALL

It has been so mild here lately and then the rain started yesterday. By 7 pm it had changed to
Someone didn't get their patio furniture in put away in time.

At least we can see the road this morning. Had to leave my car at work and drive home with a friend last night. It was a brutal drive.

So I can't get a ride to get my car until late this afternoon, so I am off to the sewing room for the entire day. Yipee!

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Uschi said...

WoW! I hope that white stuff does not come this way any time soon. Here in New Brunswick we have had rain, rain and rain for 3 days now and it is so warm. Actually it is warmer tonight then it was this afternoon. I wish I could of been sitting at my sewing machine in weather like this but with company here the last 5 days .....I envy you. So how about a picture of what you did today.